Monthly Archives: January 2010

iPhone Shot of the Day – Glass Door Knob

I like old architectural touches like glass door knobs.

Glass Door Knob


iPhone Shot of the Day – Perspective

My most recent photography exercise has been picking a subject and taking shots from several different perspecives/angles. Sometimes you can get some interesting results.

The fist pic is the original. The second pic is the final shot.

iPhone Shot of the Day – Working the Numbers

Nothing too crazy…just the result of working some numbers on a car.

iPhone Shot of the Day – 1/26/10

Nothing special…just today’s date. As many of you know, I like using the Tilt Shift Generator App for my iPhone. Well I decided to check out the creators website and to my amazement they have this same app available for you computer…FOR FREE! Check it out!


iPhone Shot of the Day – I Brought You A Present

Don’t say I never bring you anything…

I Brought You A Present

iPhone Shot of the Day – Subway Tile

I love this old school subway tile.

iPhone Shot of the Day – Wood Grain

Yes, I know I’ve been slacking on the shot of day…I need to get back into the groove.

Check out the gain of the wood that makes the neck of my guitar…very interesting pattern.

Wood Grain