Monthly Archives: February 2010

iPhone Shot of the Day – Quad Lightswitch

Yes, I bought another camera app for my iPhone called Quad Cam. It allows you to take shots in rapid succession but they real trick is it allows you to pick how many shots and at what intervals. This shot isn’t anything special…I was just having some fun.

Quad Lightswitch


iPhone Shot of the Day – Hipstamatic Bathroom

I took this shot with the Hipstamatic iPhone App. They just released a new add-on pack so I’ve been playing with that.

Hipstamatic Bathroom

New Stuff Up on Flickr

I have a few new shots up on Flickr. Check them out!

City Snow

iPhone Shot of the Day – Old Faucet

I would say my tastes trend more towards modern/contemporary designs but sometimes old things just look sweet, like this old faucet handle. Writing “Waste” instead of “Drain”…that’s just classy.

I used Best Camera app for this to give it that “old photo” kind of look.


iPhone Shot of the Day – Wishing for Summer

If you live anywhere near Boston, I’m sure you’re wishing for summer too. This is actually an air freshener in my fiance’s car…it makes me think of summer.

I took this with a new app I downloaded the other day called Hipstamatic. Unlike most of my other apps, this app does not let you apply effects/filters after you take a shot; you need to plan ahead with this one. I like this because it’s like using an old film camera…you need to really think about your shot before you hit the shutter button. I’m not saying that digital = mindless shooting, but you definitely have to do a bit more thinking/planning when shooting with film.

Wishing for Summer

Interesting Photography Project

I found a photographer with fantastic portraits on flickr and I decided to check out his blog. He has a great project going where he takes a portrait of a complete stranger everyday for an entire year and gives a little blurb about meeting and photographing that individual. I highly recommend checking it out. I miss working in the city…I’d like to try a project like this. In addition to sharpening your photography skills, I bet it really helps you open up as a person.

Note: The photographer is German so, unless you can read German,In you may want to paste this url in google’s search box then hit the “translate” feature when results are returned.

iPhone Shot of the Day – Rise and Shine

This is pretty much the only thing that will wake me up…

Wake Up