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One of my pictures that I’ve decided to post. Pictures may have been taken with my Canon DSLR or with my iPhone. Like they say, the best camera is the one you have with you. Feel free to leave any comments or feedback on any of my pics or posts.

iPhone Shot of the Day – Sidewalk Art

I took this shot in East Greenwich, a nice little town on the coast of RI with great character. They have everything from modern sculptures to sidewalk art and fire hydrants painted like people. Here is a shot of one of the sidewalk paintings…

Sidewalk Art


iPhone Shot of the Day – Table 15

Not much to say about this one. Had a sandwich at a nice little shop which gave you order numbers to put that the edge of your table. Classy.

Table 15

iPhone Shot of the Day – Old Air Pump #2

Here’s another shot of the old air pump from the other day.

Old Air Pump

iPhone Shot of the Day – Old Air Pump

This shot was taken at an old rundown gas station I’ve walked by a few times…I decided to stop and take a few pics this weekend.

Old Air Pump

iPhone Shot of the Day – Last Pic from Vacation

Guess where this was taken.


iPhone Shot of the Day – B&W Palm

Here’s another take on the same palm tree from yesterday’s post. I’ve been getting a few questions on what Apps I use to create each shot so I’m going to make a concerted effort to post more info about each shot…here we go.

I took this with the standard camera app then imported into TiltShift Generator. In the app I desaturated, bumped the contrast, and added a pretty strong vignette.

B&W Palm

iPhone Shot of the Day – Hipstamatic Palm Tree

Another shot from Sanibel but this time with the Hipstamatic iPhone App.

Hipstamatic Palm Tree