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Eze, France

Eze Wall

Yes, I’m still posting photos from they honeymoon and I probably will for the next 6 months or so. I have a TON of photos to edit.

This photo is from the ancient French town of Eze. The area around Eze was populated as early as 2000 B.C. You can read more about it here if history is your thing. I can’t remember the details of the photo…I think I was drawn to the textures of the wall and faded colors of the shutters.

I read about all of the places we were going to visit on our honeymoon beforehand and I was really excited to check out Eze. The town is literally built into the top of a mountain for protection from would be attackers. It sounded awesome! Sadly, I was a little let down when we arrived. The area felt like a tourist attraction…like you were going to Williamsburg, VA or Plymouth Plantation in Massachusetts. Very few people actually LIVE here; they say around two thousand, but it felt more like fifty. The views were absolutely amazing and I’m glad we went…but I probably would not pick this town over the surrounding areas. If you are every lucky enough to be stuck in the south of France and your not in the mood for a history lesson, skip Eze and hit one of the surrounding towns.


More From the Tracks

Hi all,

I’m back again with some more photos from the tracks. Honestly, I don’t like these as much as the first two that I posted, but these have a different feel to them. Both of these shots where taken with my 5D and 70-200mm f/4 IS.


Abandoned Tracks

Other News

– I’m stilling waiting to pickup a new tripod…I’ll probably wait until after Christmas to grab one. Once I get a new tripod I hope to get some good night shooting done in the city.

– I picked up a Canon S95. Yes, ANOTHER toy. I’m going to compare this to the GF-1 to see if it can keep up. I love the GF-1 but it’s not pocketable which means it stays at home more than I’d like. I should have a review up of the S95 soon.