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iPhone Shot of the Day – Old Air Pump #2

Here’s another shot of the old air pump from the other day.

Old Air Pump


New Shots on Flickr

Hi all,

I’ve been working on pics from our last vacation and they are SLOWLY making their way up on flickr. Check out my flickr page for the latest additions.

Island Rope Fence

iPhone Shot of the Day – Old Air Pump

This shot was taken at an old rundown gas station I’ve walked by a few times…I decided to stop and take a few pics this weekend.

Old Air Pump

Back from Vacation & Flickr Updates

Hi all,

I haven’t been able to post anything for the past few days…I was up north getting in a little spring skiing. Check out my latest updates to flickr. Also, I should be adding more shots from my trip to Florida over the next few weeks so keep an eye out for updates.

Cast Iron Design

iPhone Shot of the Day – Last Pic from Vacation

Guess where this was taken.


New Shot on Flickr

I snapped this shot during one of the nice weekends we had last month. I had a tough time deciding between B&W and color for this shot…the gold dome looked pretty amazing. I may have to post a color version at some point.

Beantown Statehouse Dome

New Shots Up on Flickr

Here’s one of the new shots that is now up on Flickr:

Old Salem Boathouse