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Pictures taken with my iPhone. Some pics may be edited or modified from the original, but only with tools available on the iPhone.

iPhone Shot of the Day – Billiards

I played some pool over the weekend and I found something out about myself…I suck at pool. At least I got a few good Hipstamatic shots on the iPhone 🙂


iPhone Shot of the Day – Sidewalk Art

I took this shot in East Greenwich, a nice little town on the coast of RI with great character. They have everything from modern sculptures to sidewalk art and fire hydrants painted like people. Here is a shot of one of the sidewalk paintings…

Sidewalk Art

iPhone Shot of the Day – Table 15

Not much to say about this one. Had a sandwich at a nice little shop which gave you order numbers to put that the edge of your table. Classy.

Table 15

iPhone Shot of the Day – Old Air Pump #2

Here’s another shot of the old air pump from the other day.

Old Air Pump

iPhone Shot of the Day – Old Air Pump

This shot was taken at an old rundown gas station I’ve walked by a few times…I decided to stop and take a few pics this weekend.

Old Air Pump

iPhone Shot of the Day – Last Pic from Vacation

Guess where this was taken.


iPhone Shot of the Day – B&W Palm

Here’s another take on the same palm tree from yesterday’s post. I’ve been getting a few questions on what Apps I use to create each shot so I’m going to make a concerted effort to post more info about each shot…here we go.

I took this with the standard camera app then imported into TiltShift Generator. In the app I desaturated, bumped the contrast, and added a pretty strong vignette.

B&W Palm