Pantheon Dome

Pantheon Dome

I’m still working my way through all of the photographs that I took while in Europe this past summer; it’s a pretty daunting task. I think I’ve pretty much flagged all of the photographs that I’d like to work on and potentially post up here on the blog…these should keep me busy for a while.

As you can probably guess by the title, the picture below was taken at the Pantheon. This historic site is pretty incredible. I always find it amazing that a structure this large with so many details could have been built so long ago…126 A.D. to be exact. No machines, no power tools…that’s just crazy. The building itself is actually pretty simple. Two massive doors lead to an entryway which flows into the main circular room. The only light for the main room comes from the hole in the top of the dome which is called a oculus.

Before I headed off to Europe, I was told by several people that I would not like Rome. I was told it was dirty, unsafe, and just an unpleasant place to be. I was a little surprised and disappointed to hear this from so many people. Luckily, they were all wrong. I had a great time in Rome! This is one of those cities where you could spend a week and not be bored. I never felt in danger nor did I think the city was dirty or rundown. I highly recommend visiting Rome if you ever have the chance. Naples is another story.


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