End of the Line

Wow, it’s been a while since posting to the blog…it’s tough to shoot when it gets dark at 5pm. A decent tripod is the next item on my list. Get ready for some night photography!

Anyway, I was able to get out for an hour or so this weekend so I took a quick walk to the center of town to see what I could find. I had noticed some old railroad cars while driving through town one day, so I decided to go take a look. These cars ended up being on private property…bummer. No worries, I simply busted out the 70-200mm and took shots from where I could. I wouldn’t want people in my yard without asking, so I take the same approach when taking photographs.

I ended up with a few shots that I liked but the one below is probably my favorite of the bunch. I should have a few more shots up throughout the week so be sure to check back.

End of the Line


4 responses to “End of the Line

  1. Also used to go out and walk around the city to see what that result was photographed, but I felt it lost a lot of time with this, so I decided to propose specific topics for shooting and since then I do better in saving time and image quality.
    It’s something I recommend: getting to photograph subjects. Think full stories helps develop a better photographic vision.

    • This is a great idea! I think I’ve actually kind of subconsciously been doing this. I’m usually drawn towards urban decay type subject so I think I’ll stick with that…decaying parts of the city.

      The good thing is the city is fixing up a bunch of these areas in the near future so I can get some before and after shots. Thanks for the idea!

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