Checking In…

For those of you who have asked…yes, I’m still around I just haven’t had a chance to get out and shoot lately. My weekends have been a little crazy lately and this cold weather & lack of sunlight makes things even more challenging. I haven’t been able to shoot at night as I am in desperate need of a new tripod…I hope to get a new one soon. Hopefully I’ll get be able to post something this week…I need to get back into the swing of things.

One cool thing to mention…

I contacted Lowepro regarding the custom setup I use for the Versapack 200 AW and they were very receptive to my suggestions. I spoke with a customer service rep (Maury) over email for a few days providing details on my setup which he said he would pass on to his product team. Who knows, maybe you will see a Lowepro Versapack Mike P. edition! 😉

Panasonic News…

If you follow your tech/photography news, you would know that last week Panasonic released their successor to the GF-1 (one of my favorite cameras), the GF-2 (very creative name). I’ve read/watched several reviews and I have to say I’m a bit disappointed. In a world of P&S and Micro 4/3rd camera’s, the GF-1 was really the pro/enthusiast’s pocket/travel camera. Panasonic gave photographers a small, lightweight package that could produce great images. Unfortunately, with the GF-2, Panasonic got a little soft. They removed the top dial from the body and moved most functions to the touch screen LCD on the back. They also put an AI button (that glows blue…tacky) on the top of the camera to give novices easy access to point and shoot control. Why would I want to change settings on a touch screen? Especially one that is barely visible on a sunny day! Also, how is this supposed to work with the electronic view finder?

Listen Panasonic, don’t take away quick access to the controls photographers need, that is why I purchased the GF-1 over Olympus’ PEN series…I wanted more control over the camera and quick access to it’s features. What you should have done was created a new line of M4/3rd cameras and this could have been the flagship of that new line. The new line could be more user friendly and cheaper to capture people moving up from point and shoot cameras (i.e. the Olympus EPL-1). Keep the GF-1 series for photographers that want a small DSLR replacement/compliment, don’t soften it up for people that are too lazy to learn how to use the $800 camera they just purchased. OK, that’s my rant for the day.


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