Two New Photos on Flickr: No Parking and Florence Bike

The two pictures below are totally unrelated, I just thought I would comment on both in the same post because it’s Friday and I’m lazy.

The picture below is what I think to be a “No Parking” sign. We saw these all over Europe. Some had writing on them, others did not. So why did I take a picture of a sign that I can’t even read? Well, I liked this way this sign contrasted with the building. The relatively new sign with bright colors looks awesome against the old building its fading and peeling paint.

No Parking...I Think

This shot was taken in downtown Florence. This was another “Souvenir Shot” from Italy. Bikes and scooters are all over the place! I took several bike/scooter shots, this is one of my favorites. I have another one that I’m working on as well…I should have it up sometime next week. Check out the texture in the sidewalk.

Florence Bike


5 responses to “Two New Photos on Flickr: No Parking and Florence Bike

  1. Very nice, I like these a lot.

  2. Really nice simple composition the orange space on the right complements the door frame really well

  3. This is an amazing shot Mike, I love the crop and the shadows. Really good contrast and the black and white conversion add a lot to the feel of the picture – well done !!!

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