Flickr Update

I’ve noticed it has become increasingly more difficult to get true candid shots while shooting with my 5D in public. Unless I’m pretty far away and shooting with my 70-200, people usually notice me and react in some manner. Reactions range from posing like they are in a photo shoot to turning the other way and ignoring me. Regardless of the reaction, 99% of the time I’m not looking for one. I’m usually looking to capture people in the environment with their natural expressions. I think my new GF-1 may actually help with this as it looks like a small little point and shoot instead of a big 5D with a massive white lens. I’m not sure if I’m not good at blending in (I’m 6’4″) or maybe people are just more aware in the city, but I need to figure something out.

This was just a fun experiment, but I thought a good way to get more candid shots of people would be to take shots from the hip. This type of photography was made quite popular by Hasselblads and Rolleiflex. Now, taking accurate shots when you are pretty much guessing what you are shooting and hoping that AF has hit the mark can be a bit difficult. I wasn’t expecting much, but here is one shot that I kind of enjoyed. Yes, I know the person isn’t in focus but I feel like that kind of adds to the shot. I feel like they just sort of popped into the frame and add to the candidness (is that a word) of the photo.

Hipshot Stranger


4 responses to “Flickr Update

  1. That’s a pretty cool shot. I like the sunlight breaking through behind the guy’s manbag.. It works well.

    • Thanks! It was pretty much just luck. I kept the camera at the hip level and popped off a few shots…this one was the only keeper.

      Haha, manbag. I usually call them “Murses”…combo of man & purse πŸ™‚

  2. That’s a good one. I’ve tried doing candids before even with a 150-500mm lens and people soon become aware of you. I’ve been challenged shooting from the hip as well.

  3. Very nice shot Mike, I don’t mind the out of focus bit at all… the framing is good and the elements are well balanced – the sun, the shadow and the person moving out of the frame

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