Book/Author Recommendation: Within The Frame, The Journey of Photographic Vision

This is slightly embarrassing to admit, but I’m not much of a reader. I enjoy reading blogs, magazines, websites, etc. but I’m not a big book reader. It’s pretty amazing if an author can get me to sit down and actually read a book. Only two people have been able to get me to do this since college, Dan Brown and David DuChimen. Both authors write about drastically different subjects, but I think they are both extremely gifted writers.

I think I can safely assume you all know who Dan Brown is, but David DuChimen may not be on your radar unless you are up on your photography books. David has written several books on photography each with their own special purpose. To date, I’ve read Within The Frame, The Journey of Photographic Vision which is easily the best photography book I’ve read. You can find a million photography books that break down the “How” of photography, this type of book is nothing new. Within The Frame focuses on developing and honing your vision. Vision goes beyond just seeing something and saying “Wow, that’s cool. I should take a picture of that.” This book breaks down the elements that go into making an engaging photo that captures the eye and invokes some kind of reaction from the viewer. I can’t recommend this book enough to photographers.

Mr. DuChimen, along with other photographers/authors, have created an online resource for photographers call “Craft and Vision”. At Craft and Vision, users can download several eBooks from world class photographers and authors, like David DuChimen. The best part is each and every eBook is only $5!! Most of the eBooks are under 100 pages but the content and imagery is well worth the money. Also, when new eBooks are released, you can usually pick them up for as little as $4 a pop! I’ve gone through five of these eBooks and I’ve loved every one.

Check out David’s Website at for more information about his books and photography. Also, be sure to check out the Craft and Vision website for some excellent eBooks.

Feel free to leave a comment about your favorite photographer/author!

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Within the Frame: The Journey of Photographic Vision


One response to “Book/Author Recommendation: Within The Frame, The Journey of Photographic Vision

  1. I’m not much of a reader either. I have 4 photography books here waiting to be read. I’m not sure why I bought them, I’ll never read them. Maybe I’ll photograph them instead 😀

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